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Even if you have hired a professional cleaning to take care of your cleaning duties for you, there are some little accidents and situations that cannot be avoided. What happens when you are having guests round and want everywhere looking immaculate or entertaining friends and family one evening and spill wine on your cream carpet? Obviously in these cases, you can’t just wait for your cleaning company to come and remove the stains during their scheduled visit further on in the week, you need a fast fix and you need it now! Here are some of our favourite tips to clean up your home in just a few minutes – ideal for when you have unexpected guests who said they’d call round in 10 minutes!!

Red Wine Stains Get the Red Light
Red wine stains are the most common and also the most difficult to remove stains. Why is it that red wine lovers also seem to favour cream carpets too, unfortunate isn’t it?! Next time you spill red wine on your carpet; you must act fast and do the following: reach for the fridge and grab the soda water. Pour the soda water on to the spilt wine; you should be generous with it because the soda water is kind of rinsing the red wine out of the carpet. After pouring on the soda water, keep dabbing the carpet with kitchen towels so that the wine soaks in to the kitchen towels and not the carpet. Repeat this action until the kitchen towels or serviettes are not longer soaking up any red wine.

Pet Hair
We love our pets but when we are finding their hair here, there and everywhere it can be a bit of a pain, especially when we are entertaining guests or want our home to stay clean. Our pets hair can get everywhere and can be awkward to pick up with a normal vacuum cleaner. So for a quick job, put on a rubber glove, wet it thoroughly on the outside and wipe your wet washing up glove hand over the area which has hair on it. You will notice that the hair sticks easily on to the glove and leaves you with nice, clean, hair-free surfaces and upholsteries.

Sparkling windows
Because windows must be clean to be able to see out of, use this cheap and easy to make mixture to make your windows sparkle. Mix in a jug ? warm water with ? vinegar, using a cloth, pour a little of the vinegar mix on to the cloth at a time and wipe it over the windows. Use a dry, clean separate piece of cloth to polish up any smears or streaks left by the vinegar mixture.

Smells in Small Spaces
If you find that there is a bad odour lingering in a small room in your home and have guests coming round in just a few minutes – don’t panic! Light a candle or a match in the room where the smell is, wait for a second and then put it out again. It sounds strange, but the smoke from the match or candle helps the odour to disappear. So from now on don’t worry about bad or overwhelming smells in the kitchen, bathroom or wherever, just grab a match and rid your room of odours.

Keep Your Emergency Cleaning Products Close
Think of it like this: ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ and our emergency cleaning products are the enemy. You don’t really want to have to get your emergency cleaning kit out because it usually represents bad news, for example bad odours, wine spillages etc. However, when you are panicking about performing a quick clean up job, you should make sure you don’t have to waste time hunting round for your cleaning products. Keep your emergency cleaning products together in a bag or box in an accessible and convenient place.

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