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About Us

A good clean takes time, which most of us don’t have to spare. However, for a deep and thorough clean, you really need to call in the experts! Having been in the cleaning industry for a number of years now, we have helped to free people of their cleaning duties and in return gave them back so much more free time. During the years in which Office Cleaning London has been active, we have built up a wide range of services to offer to our clients so that we have a service to suit every clients needs. We are now one of the most well-known, trusted and reliable companies offering property management and professional cleaning services to anybody in the London area.

We only work with talented and motivated individuals, as far as employing staff goes, which is why our team are the most efficient, skilled and reliable that you will find. Thanks to our great team of cleaning experts and other staff, as well as our excellent quality, affordable cleaning services, our company has built a well earned trusted name over the years since we started our firm. All of our cleaners have been trained prior to entering in to our working environment so as to ensure that they are all able to perform an efficient and effective clean. This initial training is incredibly important for our cleaning team to learn how to use and get the most from our cleaning equipment, products and other tools, for their own safety and so as not to cause any damage. Every member of our team are well experienced with carrying out all of our cleans and achieving the best results possible because we like to guarantee excellent quality cleans every time.

Our company own a large range of high quality cleaning equipment, products and detergent, to effectively clean and remove any trace of dust, dirt, odours and stains. The equipment and products used by us are among some of the best, high quality cleaning supplies available on today’s market and are perfect for giving a thorough and efficient clean. Amongst our range of modern cleaning technology, we have tools which promise a thorough clean of carpets and upholsteries, which give an excellent clean with fast drying effects – so it won’t cause any inconvenience for you.

We offer a list of excellent quality, professional cleans for the domestic and commercial environment, which are all carried out by a team of experienced and highly skilled cleaners. Our cleaning services include:
Carpet  Cleaning    
Upholstery Cleaning    
Commercial Cleaning Services    
Estate Cleaning    

But we don’t just offer high quality domestic and commercial cleaning services, we also offer property management for those who are looking for a trusted company to supervise and look after your property whilst you are out of the area. For anybody looking for residential and normal property management services, look to us for help and support. Leaving your property empty for a long period of time can be quite a frightening prospect, as in the back of your mind you can’t help worrying that it may come to some harm whilst you are away. But worrying about leaving your home or office space empty is a thing of the past now, thanks to our trusted and reliable property maintenance. You can now put your worries and doubts to the back of your mind, whilst resting assured that you have left your home or work space safe in the right hands. We will perform regular checks and observe your property for you and will keep you regularly updated on news about your property after every check.

Office Cleaning London are always here to help you with property management and effective London based cleaning services, which is why you should call us today on 020 3743 9772 .

Thanks for taking the time to email us.

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